KUTV 2 reports on two sisters empowering Utah parents to talk to their kids about sex


Tonight at 10-00Empowering parents to talk to their kids about sex

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Sex education is not only buzzing in Utah but is buzzing in our country.  Who should be responsible for teaching our children?  What should they be learning and when?  With so many parents wanting to talk to their children but not sure exactly how, we decided to host a “Parents’ Night Out” and Heidi Hatch, a fabulous reporter from KUTV 2 News in Salt Lake City wanted to cover the event. Tickets sold out within a few hours and the room was filled with over 80 people. In a pre-survey we found most parents just wanted some basic strategies on how to start having conversations about sexuality with their children, so that’s what we did.

Our main goals of any of our parent workshops is to empower parents to see themselves as the “sex expert” in their child’s life and to provide them with the tools to fill this role. At the end of the day, it’s parents who know and understand the unique needs and developmental readiness of their children.  We feel that if parents have the information, the skills and the support, they can be having successful, ongoing conversations with their children no matter the age.

We emphasized the importance of broadening the definition of what it means to kids about sex as more than just the “birds and the bees”, one time, at age eight. But to include such things as talking to our kids about sexual health, boundaries, consent, body image, anatomy, hygiene and so on with parents’ values at the center of the discussions.

One of the best ways we have found to start opening up conversations with kids is through books. We brought a variety of books we love to our event and here is our list.

For Younger Children:

For Tweens:

For Teens:

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