“I liked the “you are the expert of your children” feel that I got from the class. I was worried that it would be a “do this, do that, and you will have success” It was not that way at all and I feel I am well equipped (naturally) to address these questions, or know where to go for help. I think my friends need that as well.”

“Kristin and Alisha are two women who know healthy sexuality. They provide a safe environment to ask the hard questions that you struggle with. They have real answers but are not there to “tell you what to do.” Wonderful presenters and quite entertaining. I can’t wait for their next seminar!”

“I LOVED this class! Great content, great presentation, great ladies! Even though this is a subject I read about often, they taught many new ideas and I got a new perspective about how I can talk to my kids about sex more often and more effectively.”

“Kristin and Alisha have an amazing way of presenting this course in a fun, unintimidating way. I walked away with the tools and confidence to speak with my children about sex and their sexuality.”

“We weren’t sure what to expect when first attending, but we’re so glad we came. We know where we want our children to be as adults, and feel like we have a game plan now when talk about sex with our children.”

“Kristin and Alisha are thoughtful and passionate educators about sex and sex education. I would, without hesitation, recommend any presentation these women are involved with. Not only are you getting a wealth of information, but it is presented in a culturally sensitive manner that will appeal to everyone.”

“This class was so great! It has given me a good base and they confidence I need to be able to talk to my children about sex!”