About us

About Us

Who we are is a great story. It’s a story of two sisters, eight years apart, growing up in a house where no question was off-limits and where education, research, teaching and compassion for the human experience were all encouraged.

From there Alisha and Kristin both went to BYU -- Alisha in Provo and Kristin in Hawaii several years later. Both graduated with a B.S. in Social Work. And this is where their paths diverge, but come together again in such a way as to create amazing synergy:

Kristin went on to the University of Utah from which she graduated with a Masters in Social Work and then obtained her LCSW. From there an idea formed for a clinic and The Healing Group was born with Kristin as the Founder and Executive Director. While the clinic seeks to address issues affecting women -- pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, body image, sex and intimacy and so on -- men also find these issues involve them as well.

During this time, Alisha was busy getting married and having several children -- 7 to be exact -- while continuing to seek continuing education and certifications along the way. And then Kristin began her own family adventure with a marriage and 3 beautiful children.

In 2011 they both realized they had been having the same sorts of conversations about sex and intimacy with individuals and couples. Answering questions like, “How do we talk about sex?” “Are we normal if we…?” “Am I normal if I…?” “What’s a ‘vulva’ and do I have one?” And many more. The sisters realized something bigger was going on and it was affecting the lives and relationships of many people. So, they got together with one of their lifelong mentors and friends, Thomas Harrison, and wrote a book called, Real Intimacy, A Couple’s Guide to Genuine, Healthy Sexuality, designed specifically to help couples have those sometimes difficult and awkward conversations as well as cover some basics of sexual well-being many were lacking.

Thinking they would just write this “little book” and go on with their practices and families, they really weren’t expecting what came next -- live radio, podcasts, workshops, teleseminars, conference invitations, requests for articles appearing on local and national news outlets and blogs, local news guests, and considerable growth in their private practices.

And once again, with the support of their spouses and children, they’ve reached a place where it’s time to take the next step. To take the “conversation” out of their offices and into a larger arena in which they are hoping to connect with as many as you as possible.

More than anything, Alisha and Kristin want you to feel at home here. They’re your neighbors, the friends you grab lunch with and the soccer Moms driving down the street -- but with one little distinction. They are passionate about sex, intimacy and relationships and have devoted considerable time to study the subject so you don’t have to. And they’re eager to share what they’ve learned. So, grab a cup of your favorite drink, relax, and enjoy your time here.